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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote and educate about Plant Based Diet and Healthy Lifestyle.  Our goal is to share The 10 Health Laws with anyone who is willing to listen. We believe that in keeping The 10 Health Laws a person can enjoy optimal, healthy and fulfilling life.


Hello and Welcome

I used to know nothing about health and nutrition.  I thought that if I run 3 miles a day, I could eat whatever I wanted and live whichever way I pleased. It was acceptable to me to live on a diet of white bread, beef links, tab of chocolate and tea or soda 5 times a day.  That was my typical, daily “college nutrition”.  I didn’t pay attention to stress or sleep; I’d often stress and pull all-nighters to finish projects.  I didn’t drink any water either.  Honestly, I thought I was fine.

“Fine”, until I was diagnosed with Rhaumatory Arthritis for my 27th birthday.  The disease was progressing very fast and my rheumatologist told me I may end up on a wheel chair with gnarly hands to boot.  I went on medications that were making me throw up and gave me bad headaches.  I couldn’t even handle half of the prescribed dose.  Also, I began a life depended on strong painkillers, which didn’t even take the pain away.

Eventually I got to a point where I couldn’t walk much.  My knees were hurting with every step, and swollen feet would fit only into 2 pairs of shoes.  I couldn’t hold a glass of water, I couldn’t button up a button, I couldn’t change gears in my car and putting on socks or stockings was a painful nightmare. I’d wake up with closed hands and it would take half hour under scalding hot water to open them up.  Life was a misery.

I became depressed.  I didn’t understand what happened to me; I used to run and ride horses and play tennis with dad… Doctors gave me no hope.  I only had pain and tears for company.

Then, some months later I began to pray, asking God for help.  I refused to believe that this is how I’m going to end up in life.  There had to be another way.  I began doing research.  One online article fascinated me especially.  It said that if we cut our finger, our body is designed to heal itself.  If we let it, of course.  So I researched more.  The information began snowballing my way.  Soon I became a vegan. Then, I discovered 10 Health Laws and changed my lifestyle a complete 180 degrees.  I also adopted fully plant based diet with 80% raw foods.

It was quite a journey, but 4 years later I was pain free, swelling free and drug free.  I could be active again, I could run, ride horses, play guitar again! I am the living testimony of what plant based diet and lifestyle can do.  And I believe in it with all my heart.  Now I am very passionate about sharing what I’ve learned.  Getting sick was the biggest blessing that happened to me.  I was hard headed but God had to get my attention somehow.  And I’m glad He did.

Now, my goal is to inspire you to give a plant based diet and lifestyle a go.  It could be truly life changing for you.  It was for me.  There is a better way to live.  It is possible to live pain free, disease free, drug free.

So are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you wondering what plant based is about? Do you want to know more about getting healthy?

If so, you’re in the right place.  Poke around and you’ll find lifestyle and natural beauty articles, a full line up of the 10 Health Laws, more details on how I got healthy, plant based recipes and even stories of other people who changed their life around by changing their diet and lifestyle.  I hope it will help, challenge and inspire you!  I hope it will turn your life around for good!



Anya, the Founder of Veg Is Life



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